Seasonal Hospitality: Much more than just 90 minutes…

6th June 2019 1:18pm

At first glance it may seem obvious what to expect from a seasonal premium package at Selhurst Park, but as our guests often experience, when you join the exclusive seasonal hospitality club we deliver so much more than just 90 minutes.

While you may have seen the lounges and restaurants available to choose from on a matchday, you might not know about these other amazing opportunities that open up to you…

Exclusive access to the most in demand tickets – including away games

We’ve secured tickets for those extra-hard fixtures that come up through the season – including the most in-demand away games. When you join our seasonal hospitality club, speak to our commercial team to find out how you can get access to them.

Create real relationships with your matchday hosts

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that some of our long-standing seasonal clients have become friends of the club and its staff. This is also the case with our matchday hosts, some of whom have been working in their lounges for years.

We’re proud to receive amazing regular feedback about our matchday hosts, who work hard to make sure our guests are as comfortable at Selhurst Park as they are at home.

A Michelin Star experienced Head Chef

Regular attendees in the premium lounges at Selhurst Park will be well-aware of the improvements we’ve made in our dining options. We’re proud to provide menus carefully selected by our Michelin Star experienced Executive Chef, Julien Maisonneuve.

His ethos is based on using amazing, locally-sourced ingredients to create simple but delicious food, and from what we’ve heard our guests love it!

Spend quality time with legendary Palace players

All of our lounges are regularly attended by both former and present Palace players. As a seasonal guest you’ll form relationships with the likes of Darren Ambrose, Jim Cannon and Clinton Morrison, as well as having the chance to rub shoulders with current members of the Palace squad.

First refusal on additional spaces in our premium lounges

Want to show your friends or colleagues the kind of hospitality you receive on a regular basis? Have a friend who (unfortunately) supports the opposition? Speak to our commercial team who’ll work to fit your guest into your matchday.

Use of your space on a non-matchday

As a seasonal guest in an Executive Box, you'll be able to use your space on a non-matchday. This means you can make meetings slightly more interesting with the backdrop of a Premier League football stadium. The box can be set up to meet your needs which our team will be happy to assist with.


If you want to find out more about a 2019/20 Seasonal Package, enquire with our team today...