Your new Premium environment

How our lounges have been adapted to ensure your safety

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You'll notice a range of changes when you next join us.

Our priority is ensuring that guests who join us as a Premium guest can do so in a safe environment. With that in mind, we’ve transformed our lounges to ensure they comply with social distancing guidelines.

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On entry

As you arrive we have implemented new entry policies which include new queue systems and entry points as well as the requirement for a quick temperature check and hands to be sanitised.

In the lounges

All guests who have dining included as part of their package will be provided with individual PPE kits at your tables including Palace face masks (for use during the game). Lounges with buffet's have been replaced with a chef served buffet or table service, and table service extends to drinks in all areas. All menus are single-use, disposable and recyclable. Cutlery and condiments will be individually wrapped and prepared for you in sterile conditions by our catering team.

Watching the match

We have introduced phased timings for journeys through to your seats and in certain areas, new routes. We have plenty of staff on hand to help you with the route, though for further information please refer to the guidance on your menu card. Please remember that it is essential you wear your face mask during the game (please inform us in advance if this is not feasible due to a medical condition).


During half-time there is a limited window in which to return to your lounges. Please be patient, wear your mask and respect social distancing whilst en route to your lounge, bathrooms and seats. Bathrooms will operate a one in, one out system with plenty of hand sanitising stations available.

Whilst you're not in the stadium

Before and after your visit, all areas receive deep cleans with our enhanced sanitisation systems. We have also increased the cleaning frequency during matchdays, taking particular care of touch points such as handles and taps.

We thank you for your patience and support with these measures. We hope you have a fantastic day with us in Premium and of course our staff are always available to answer any questions.

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